About us

We invest in exceptional, smart and sustainable companies using our compassion, competences and energy making a difference in them.
The world is changing and we acknowledge in particular how important technological change, climate change, demographic shifts, and resource scarcity is when we look into future investments. We love a fresh perspective and are committed to making a difference in everything we do!

“Finding gold among rocks”

In 2016 it was established nearly 660,000 new companies in the UK.
Financial Times 12th October 2017

“Betting on the right horses”

London has the lowest rate of start-up survival in the UK: Only 50.1% of startups established in 2013 endured for 3 years.
Financial Times 12th October 2017


of UK founders are less confident about the future of European tech compared to 12 months ago, compared to 6% of founders from other countries
Atomico State of European Tech, November 2017

Our Focus

We invest in founders with the courage to make a change
People and teams with know-how and coachability
We invest in sectors which are globally scalable
We focus on companies we can actively support,
motivate and develop
We encourage disruption of trailing sectors
We expect that there is a clear monetization model
We have a short or a long term exit strategy; 1 – 5 years